Woocommerce NEW shipping postage set up made easy 2017

How to set up Woocommerce postage with various methods, various zones and automatically adjust postage shipping costs by weight and address of the customer, from different countries to different regions within a country.  Once you have watched this video you be able to set up your own complex postage in minutes, or simply copy mine.

Having a online shop today is pretty much paramount for any retailer, even if you do not achieve online sales it will generate inquiries which will result in sales.

For many postage can be confusing when you try to set it up in Woocommerce and if done incorrectly in can result in either making a loss on postage or having to apologies to a customer and ask for more money so you do not make a loss.


So, this video will show you how;

  1. Set up a single simple rate postage for a whole country, the example is France
  2. Set up weight adjusted shipping costs where as  the basket increases weight the shipping rate will change.
  3. Set up shipping rates on various zones within an area, the example is the United Kingdom which is then split into Mainland, Northern Ireland Sicily islands, Highlands and Isle Man. When the customer enters their address, they will only be offered a postage rate which is relevant to them.
  4. A possible parcel provider with a FREE £25 credit when you use the link below. (link and offer valid Nov 2016 we are not responsible if the provider withdraws the offer.)
  5. I shall give you the list of all post codes needed in the correct format so you can simply copy and paste.



Fee £25 Postage credit link  (Shhhh don’t tell but they give me £5.85 parcel force next day delivery for up to 30kg)

Despatch Bay Pro



Master Postcode list website link:




Use this link to down load website ready postcodes:



Example of my postage setup:




Woocommerce Booster:

Simply a must have addon, use the free version or I highly suggest you buy the premium with lifetime updates.


Booster Plus for WooCommerce plugin