Using Youtube and its features

Youtube is the second largest search engine after google, yes a search engine.  People use youtube to search for items from how to fix my computer to how to apply makeup.

If you have younger children or teenagers at home you will have also noticed the change in habits where they probably watch more youtub videos than actual traditional TV such as BBC or even sky.

Due to the popularity of youtube it is a great place to store resources, however just like your website you need to follow some simple rules to give your video a change to be found.

If you follow the rules below you video will stand a chance of being found in youtube and google which will also rank it in a noraml search, this means that your company is being found.  Very often a youtube video will rank higher than your website in a google search.  This is fine as users normally prefewr to watch a video.

Remember the goldern rule for any information on the web, make it godd, make it interesting, don’t expect people to watch or view rubbish, put simly they won’t and they will not ever return.

The first impression lasts!


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