How to creat Hyperlinks in WordPress | Create a website link

Here we are going to look at how to create hyperlinks in WordPress posts or pages. Put simply a hyperlink is when you click on a web address and it takes you to that address, we will look at three different variations:



1. How to make a web address into a hyper link

We will type a web address and make is a click able web address: So to make this into a hyperlink you need to highlight it, right click your mouse and select copy.

Next at the top you will see two symbols for paper clips. Click on the paperclip. A new window will open, in the URL box paste what you copied. Now decide if you want it to open in a new tab or not. If it opens in a new tab it will leave this page open and open the web address in a new window. I suggest you select new tab if it is going away from your website, i.e. an external link.

To finish select add link.

2. How to make words into a hyper link

Ok so above we have created a working hyperlink above but in my opinion I do not like to see web address on a page, so instead we can just make some text into a link. So first thing we need to do as before is get the web link you want to use. You can type into to the page/post and delete it later, I have put mine lower down in brackets and if this was not a support page I would delete it, so you will delete it when you are finished.

You can use any text you want make into the hyperlink, a single work or a string of words depending on what you want. Here is the phrase I am going to use:-

You can visit Creative Web Creations home page here. We will hyperlink the words creative web creations and here.

Similar process as above, first copy the link you want to use mine is below, now you have copied you link select the text you want to make into a hyper link, in this case “creative web creations”

Next click the paperclip symbol at the top, when the window opens paste your URL in the box, you will see in the box below it already has the text we want to link to. Now again to finish select add link. It is now done.

Now we can repeat the process but with the single word here.

Finally select insert link

Here is my link i want to use but I would  delete later normally..(


3.How to make words into a hyper link to a different website.

Finally let’s do the same as above but link to another website and make the link text. I am going to link to a website about a saxophonist and link to a page with a music player. So I will write some text below and use the words music player as my link and also saxophone lady website to another page.

The saxophone lady is a well know saxophone player in the UK especially in Manchester, she recently played for Manchester United and in Van Gall’s speech he said “I have heard the saxophone lady she is fantastic!” You can listen to her play on here music player on the saxophone lady website.

So just as before I need to copy the link first, the easiest was unless you know it is open the webpage in a new browser window and copy the address.

Next select the text you want to hyperlink and then click on the paper clip, in the URL paste in the web address and the text you selected will already be in place, in this case I would select the tab open in new window so it does not close your web page down.

Simply click insert link again. Done!

Thank you for looking at my hints and tip go to Creative Web Creations for more…

Questions and answers

What is the other paper clip on the right for?
The other paper click simply breaks hyperlinks, so it you make a link and do not want it anymore or it was a mistake, simply select the link and click on the button.

• Can I enter a hyperlink without selecting text and copying any text?
Yes you can, similar process, simply click on the paper clip, enter the URL by typing and enter the link text you want, click insert and it will insert where you mouse was last selected.

• Should I create hyperlinks on my website?
Yes you should try to create one link per page to another page within your website and if you write a story and think it is appropriate I would create one or more links to another website if is relevant. Links going within your site are good and one’s going out are also good for SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, obviously do not do links to completion where you would lose work!